Duo Brow Pallet


Our Brow Pallet is the perfect combination for a perfect brow. It contains a brow powder and brow wax to groom and fill in brow.


  • Comes with a gorgeous mirror, tweezers and a double sided brush, shadow foam tip and silver handle
  • Comes with a wax and powder
  • Gain 2 brow tools in the package 
  • Sleek and cute packaging
  • Everything you need to create a wow brow

Recommendation: If you only want one shadows with the wax, choose our brow shadow. For more brow shadow options,  brow pallet; which comes with a single shadow and wax. 

Green Option: Use refills for new shadows and recycle the used ones. To learn more about our Recycling Program, visit our Responsibility tab on the website:


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