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prevent breakout and rosacea clear smooth vibrant even skin tone cream with this skincare skin care regimen from Neveen Dominic cosmetics

Rosacea & Breakout Regimen


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Hi Restore skin clarity with this wonderful regimen from the Neveen Dominic skincare line.

Neveen Dominic CHAMOMILE FACIAL CLEANSER gently helps with rosacea, redness, dry, sensitive, mature and post-procedure skin. Containing essential oils, antioxidants and peptides, this regimen begins by soothing and re-hydrating normal to sensitive skin. Your choice of VITA SOOTH REPLENISHING SERUM or C-STEM SERUM promotes healing and reduces potential scarring, improving skin smoothness, color, and clarity. ULTRA BENEFITS moisturizer helps to maintain skin health and color.

Instructions: Start by gently massaging a small amount of the cleanser onto damp skin. Leave on for 10 seconds and rinse. Subsequently, apply treatment serum and add-on products (if applicable). Finally, apply moisturizer.


  • Improves skin smoothness, color, and clarity
  • Promotes healing and reduces potential scarring

WE RECOMMEND: For improved results, add Vita-C Peptide Spray, Ultra-Firming Eye, and Multi-Complex Night Creme, as well as Green Tea Antioxidant Serum for moderate to oily skin.

These products are sold separately.

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