Which skincare product is right for you?

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Which skincare product is right for you?

Winter is extremely tough on your skin, meaning hydration and moisturization are extremely important to minimize the visible signs of aging. And everyone can benefit, before the wrinkles start, to improve those lines you do have, or to give back that glow to mature skin.

A strong anti-aging system becomes important as you round into your mid-20s. Sure, you didn't need it at 19 or 22, but once your skin's been around for two and a half decades, it starts to become more important. And you won't want to have waited -- trust the millions of women fighting with wrinkles and lines in their 30s, 40s, and beyond who wish they'd taken steps to prevent, rather than fight, visible signs of aging when they had the chance. But there's good news. Neveen Dominic Cosmetics anti-aging regimen is available in a mild-to-moderate formulation, as well as an advanced regimen for those looking to get a little more serious. And these regimens have been nominated for an award in the outstanding Cosmopolitan magazine. We'll find out how we did a little later this year.

For dry, sensitive skin types a gentle moisture-rich cleanser is preferable, followed by a strong moisturizer and replenishing serum. A regimen like this can help sensitive skin to maintain its tightness and tone as it ages, and even visibly reduce signs of aging like wrinkles, lines, and discoloration.

Those with oily or acneic (skin prone to acne) skin types, meanwhile, are looking for something a little bit different. A low-pH salicylic wash is the best for a daily cleanse, helping to restore a natural balance of oils and promoting healing. A strong, anti-oxidant serum should then be applied to the skin in order to reduce potential scarring, promote healing, and to improve skin smoothness, color, and clarity.

Finally, during a breakout or to battle rosacea, a different treatment regimen is in order. Skin needs to be cleansed gently, followed by application of a suitable replenishing serum. A strong moisturizer is then applied in order to reduce potential scarring and promote healing.

Did you know? Neveen Dominic Cosmetics is affiliated with beautyresponsetocancer.com, a non-profit organization helping women look and feel better through various oncology treatments including chemotherapy. Cancer patients may be eligible for a free skincare regimen from Neveen Dominic Cosmetics.